Proven Premium Protection




SUPER SEALCOATERS LLC Provides premium protection for all asphalt surfaces

Super Sealcoaters LLC has continued a long business relationship with Neyra industries (Sealcoat materials and additives) & Crafco Inc (hot applied polymer thermo plastic rubbers) Assuring the very best

asphalt products available in the industry today!

We offer many high quality options for your asphalt surface needs!

After years of experience

It is our belief that neyra industries manufactures a coal tar sealcoating

product combined with modifying additives that are simply untouchable for quality!

Tarconite offers the highest grade of raw materials, a higher volume of solids, with a state

of the art manufacturing process which is second to none where Consistency is guaranteed equaling a blacker longer lasting

finish that is proven for reliability and durability! In addition Neyra has the experience

and strength that has made them a leader in the manufacturing of all asphalt maintenance

products! The same stands true with crafco inc who are the hot rubber Kings.

Super Sealcoaters LLC has a steadfast commitment to our customers concerning the quality of the

products we apply to your asphalt surfaces making it Essential for us to combine the two leaders of asphalt maintenance products to be able to deliver the very best in all aspects of our trade.


With over 40 years of experience and innovation, Neyra is the most trusted name in the pavement maintenance and athletic surface industry. A family-owned company constructed on a foundation of quality and integrity, Neyra is more than just a manufacturer of superior paving products and surfacing solutions – they are our business partner.

Most recognized for a superior line of sealcoating products  our go to material – Tarconite,  is  field tested  with a proven track record of superior quality for the New England region.

Together We are committed to the growth and development of our customers and their asphalt  investment, while continuing a tradition built on quality assurance, performance consistency and exceptional service.

This is the Difference.

Our partnership enables us to  deliver   A fantastic experience to every customer without exception.