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Would you like to save money and be provided with the finest parking Lot maintenance services available, while extending the life of your asphalt and uplifting the curb appeal of your property?
(Of course you would!)

SUPER SERVICES LLC offers detailed evaluations of your asphalt surface with no cost to you, allowing us to identify the specific needs for its exact condition, informing you of needed adjustments to extend the life and allow it to remain safe, while looking clean and presentable for as long as possible.

This service is a valuable tool allowing you to make informative decisions concerning  your asphalt investment.

Years of maintaining acres of asphalt throughout New England  has contributed to our expert abilities, and keen sense of detail, allowing us to quickly identify problem areas making recommendations that will prevent “pavement failure”  with the highest standards possible, assuring that you will benefit from our relationship  from the very start regardless of the situation.
In-addition We are available 100% for any questions concerning asphalt pavement.

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blacktop facts

Alligator, shrinkage, longitudinal & reflection Interconnecting or cracks spaced evenly apart and fairly parallel

Various factors may be the cause: pavement movement, shrinkage of asphalt mix due to oxidation, weak or weathered joints, extreme temperature changes, and/or surface layer movement.

Alligatored areas need to be removed and replaced. Random cracks should be repaired with a crack sealant prior to sealcoating.

Depending on the type of cracks your pavement has, proper prevention varies. Ensure proper pavement installation, consider the use of reinforced fabric prior to surfacing, timely crack filling, sealcoating, sealer applications.

Bowl-shaped holes of various sizes

Poor drainage, insufficient pavement thickness, negligence of crack sealing and sealcoating.

Full-depth asphalt repair. Proper construction, timely crack sealing, sealcoating.

Localized low areas that are limited in size, often indicated by standing water

Traffic may be heavier than the pavement was designed for, or a localized subsurface drainage problem may exist.

Based on field inspection, either correct drainage problem and repair pavement, or correct grade by localized leveling.

Proper pavement design and construction with emphasis on traffic load and drainage.

A fairly regular pattern of wave-like bumps

Lack of stability in asphalt layer.

Removal and replacement of pavement.

Proper pavement design and construction.