Save Your Pavement


Save Your Pavement— FACT : Sealcoating and Crack Filling will more then double the life of your asphalt.

Sealcoating asphalt pavement is a very beneficial procedure, which should be performed within the first year of a new asphalt pavement’s life in order to be of greatest benefit and should be repeated every two to five years as needed, throughout the life of the pavement. Following a regular sealcoating regiment will help your asphalt pavement to last up to twice as long and Look twice as good as pavement, which is not properly sealed.

1. Why Sealcoat?
2. Sealcoat Attributes
3. Why Crack Fill?
4. Why Line Painting?
5. Why Super Services LLC?

Why Sealcoat?
After years of working in and around asphalt the answer to that question is simple: from day one of placement asphalt begins to break down. Upon installation, asphalt is a strong yet somewhat flexible structure. Over time however, sunlight and moisture are the major causes of surface deterioration. Without proper protection, surfaces oxidize permitting the aggregate in the asphalt mix to wash away. Rain, snow, ice, traffic, plowing, movement, de-icers, oils and other hazardous fluids break down the structure of asphalt even further. The deterioration process exponentially increases with age as weak pavement is more vulnerable. The original materials present in the asphalt have disappeared with increasing dryness/brittleness. Needless to say, such pavement is not as enduring to traffic and any of the elements as it once was, resulting in cracks and the beginning of “pavement failure”.


Sealcoat Attributes

AESTHETIC: Sealcoating recreates that day-one, freshly installed blackness adding a pleasant view in terms of curb appeal to any pavement surface on any property.

MOISTURIZES: Sealcoating replenishes the asphalt structure with the materials  essential for flexibility and strength. Necessary, protective waterproofing traits are also added with the sealcoating process.

PROTECT: Sealcoat is like an armor barricade in between the pavement and all of the harmful elements and hazardous chemicals it may come into contact with. Thus it’s the sealcoat that suffers the brunt of environmental stresses rather than your asphalt structure. With a commercial-grade sealer, as it contains a sand-mix, traction is also improved contributing to safer driving conditions in the wetter and colder seasons.

SAFETY: Professionally sealed and maintained pavement reduces the risk of falls, thereby minimizing great liabilities when people are walking to and from their cars. Pot-holes and cracking can make hazardous conditions for auto and pedestrian traffic in parking lots. Also, an unfinished lot, when wet in winter, may ice more due to the prohibited water drainage. These are all dangers that are greatly reduced when your parking lot is professionally maintained and upkept with a routine schedule of asphalt sealcoating, crack filling and line striping.


Why Crack Fill?
HOT CRACK FILL REPAIR is a yearly maintenance which SUPER SERVICES LLC recommends be inspected and touched-up YEARLY as required.

Asphalt pavement cracks are open doorways for water to seep and cause deeper structural damage. Cracks permit the asphalt base to be saturated and thereby cause more cracks through the expansion and contraction experienced in winter months. Also problematic is that cracks allow the base to be washed away, thus causing the surface to be unsupported – this leads to even larger problems, for instance pot holes. Needless to say, cracks that are filled with hot crack fill close the” doors ” and lessen this entire process of pavement failure. As neglected asphalt continues to weaken, water and weather damage reduce the life of your asphalt by as much as 50% in just five years. What can you do to stop these natural enemies? Call us today! 860-886-SEAL (7325)
Sealcoating and crack filling by Super Services LLc will protect your pavement in the following ways:

  • Replenishes the  glues that hold asphalt together – without proper protection  asphalt begins to dry up and unravel becoming more vulnerable  to premature failure.
  • Restore Vital Pavement materials- These materials fill the porous asphalt structure, restoring pavement resiliency and stopping oxidation.
  • Creates a Protective Barrier- Repels harmful sun rays and prevents damaging liquids from penetrating the surface of the asphalt.
  • Protects Asphalt Surface and Structure from the Elements- Seals pavement pores and hairline cracks to keep damaging de-icing compounds from vulnerable surfaces where damages often starts.
  • Restores “New Look” Color to Pavement- Eliminates dull, gray appearance. Rather than your actual pavement taking the abuse of the deterioration process, the seal coat is put in place and wears away instead. When weighing the small cost of seal coating vs. pavement replacement, it is clear that a proper pavement maintenance routine is the best solution to preserve your investment and maximize your driveway, parking lot, or road-way’s lifespan. Over time, asphalt loses its black color and takes on a gray, faded, oxidized look. Seal coating helps give your driveway or parking lot a deep, rich, black look to restore it and make it look like new.
  • Cracks that are properly sealed stop water penetration, keep moisture out providing maximum pavement protection even during the severe stress of freeze/thaw cycle and prevent costly repair.
  • Hot crack filler is a yearly maintenance and we recommend an annual inspection and touch-up as required

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Why Line Painting?
Well lined parking lots also serve to eliminate customer confusion, thus reducing traffic and pedestrian accidents. Also, properly lined pavement is a reflection of the businesses people are parking to visit – straight, clean, fresh lines represent quality! We are very experienced with painting DOT-Approved Traffic Markings, parking spaces, handicapped and fire zoning and more.


Why Super Services LLC?

Our experience is strong! Municipal to industrial, commercial to residential; we have many satisfied customers. From driveways to parking lots to roadway projects, including but not limited to: hospitals & healthcare facilities, education & religious institutions, retail stores & restaurants, condo private roads, estates, housing developments, municipal city streets, residential communities & apartments.

Super Services LLC is in good standing with several of well known organizations involving ethics and accountability.

We hold all necessary licenses to perform asphalt services.

All of our technicians have been vigorously trained and retrained
to perform all Asphalt pavement services with precision and expertise.

Super Services Holds Insurance Certifications to cover the strictest guidelines.

Highest Standards:
Super Services LLc adheres to the strictest guidelines concerning every aspect of the pavement industry.

Expert Evaluations:
Super Services offers expert advice concerning any asphalt pavement scenario.

Follow up support:
Super Services LLc is available 24/7 for all of your questions concerning Asphalt Pavement. 800-858 SEAL (7325)

We have been in and around the sealcoating business since 1995 and guarantee our work. We are a licensed and fully insured company that utilizes a combination of our experience, state-of-the-art equipment and top-of-the-line products assuring superior results. We take pride in our work and finish with a clean, quality job. We will always satisfy our customers in a timely manner. We have many satisfied customers – from driveways to parking lots to roadway projects. We provide no hassle, free estimates. We work to earn the right to call you a repeat customer for years to come. You save hours of your valuable time. You will not have left over sealer to throw away, thus helping the environment.
We understand several companies offer the same services with similar high standards and commitment to overall quality that we have. You can rest assured that if we are chosen you will be provided with high quality work with no short cuts made. We make every effort possible to combine the highest quality products with both excellent service and the fairest rate guaranteed, assuring every customer receives the most for their dollar and all duties are performed with superior results. We will work to earn your business again and again.

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