Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer any special rates or discounts for multiple properties or large amounts of pavement?

Q: Why should I seal my driveway or parking lot?

Q: What are the contributors to pavement deterioration?

Q: How long can I expect my driveway or parking lot to last?

Q: What is the difference between having my pavement professionally Repaired and Restored And doing it myself?

Q: Do you offer any special rates or discounts for multiple properties or large amounts of pavement?

Absolutely!! We encourage neighboring businesses and families to discuss the plans they have to have their pavement serviced collectively, the more the merrier. Your networking and referrals will not go unrewarded. Specific details will be discussed and discounts will be given on an individual basis. In addition we also have a price match guarantee -If in your search for a pavement protection provider you find our cost to be unfavorable for the duties performed, we invite you to allow us to beat any written estimate you can obtain.

Why should I seal my driveway or parking lot?

The preservation and repair of your investment serves not only to beautify but as preventative maintenance. In addition to regaining that ‘black as night’ look, sealcoating shields asphalt pavement from environmental damage such as oxidation and damaging oil or gasoline spills ‘ Even though pavement has a relatively long life, it is a porous material and does allow for moisture entry if not properly sealed. When deterioration is prevented, maintenance costs are greatly minimized saving you money in the long run.

What are the contributors to pavement deterioration?

Asphalt deterioration is affected by many contributing factors, some of which are listed below:

WATER: When water enters the cracked surface it enlarges existing cracks and creates new ones as well due to the freezing and thawing cycles in cold seasons.

QUALITY: The original asphalt pavement’s construction quality can influence deterioration and lifespan.

OXIDATION: Oxidation is the interaction between oxygen molecules and all the different substances they may come in contact with. From bare or cracked asphalt to sound sub base and overlay construction, oxygen serves to deteriorate and crumble what was once strong, solid pavement. The only way to prevent and/or control oxidation is to properly seal the asphalt with a good Cold Tar Emulsion sealer like Tarconite.

DUMPSTER TRUCKS: Especially in the area where the trucks lift the dumpsters, the rocking motion creates stress that few asphalt pavements are designed to withstand.

CRACKS: Asphalt is a flexible pavement and cracks are a natural part of the aging process. When left unfilled, these cracks will allow water penetration into the sub base which will prematurely cause potholes and other types of extensive pavement failure.

PETROLEUM SPILLS: Since asphalt is an oil based material, any oil based product that is spilled upon it will dissolve the cement that bonds the asphalt together and causes premature failures.

HEAVY LOADS: Stress placed upon pavement I.E. a fully loaded tractor trailer can cause cracking and weaken the construction.

How long can I expect my driveway or parking lot to last?

A quality paving should last twenty years. Architects generally design parking lots to last twenty to twenty five years. Unfortunately, designs on paper and actual conditions in the field can vary quite significantly, and since the parking lots tend to be the last item of construction project, and is obviously less structurally important than the building itself, corners can be cut leading to significant decreases in the parking lot’s useful life. Parking lots and driveways that were constructed in the seventies seem to have held up better over the years than ones constructed in recent years. For structurally sound pavements that are experiencing isolated failures, a maintenance program of patching, seal coating and striping will prolong the life of the pavement almost indefinitely.

A site inspection is required to assess the remaining useful life of any particular parking lot. Super Services LLC’s pavement evaluation study can predict with accuracy how much useful life is left in a particular parking lot, and more importantly what needs to be done to extend that life.

What is the difference between having my pavement professionally Repaired and Restored And doing it myself?

I saw some asphalt pavement repair products or kits at my local hardware store, why shouldn’t I just do it myself?
It is our experience that OK so you wanna protect your drive way and your pretty handy so you journey out to the local hardware store to purchase a squeegee a roller some trowels and sealer z2000 and some crack filler thinking I can do this. And OK so I know you save money yes this is true

But also true is store bought products are a fraction of the strength of professional grade products which means that although they may look good at first, they don’t have the potential to last as long as a finish resulting from a professional application using professional products. Plus we have every tool under the sun for scraping, grinding, brooming, removing, filling, priming, blowing, etc. which makes our preparation process incredible and far beyond the average handyman’s capabilities, allowing optimal condition for all material adherence.

Having the experience I do as the owner and operator, I have tried a lot of different materials for all different scenarios involving pavement preservation and have spoken with some of the most experienced and respected sealcoaters out there. I am certain that we use the best materials known to man kind at the moment for every application and will continue to research any new developments and adjust to improve when needed.

Our philosophy on materials is: “Money is No object”. When it comes to material give us the best the industry has to offer, no matter the cost, period

Sealers that are bought in the local hardware store are as different as night and day when compared to professional grade sealcoat. Most professionals know that a coal tar based sealer with an epoxy additive will out look and out last any store bought sealer out there period. I have often said to different customers that I use what I know to be the best, and if you believe you know of any product better than what we apply for any application please let me know, I’d like to know!

The bottom line is a lot of time and money has gone into research and development of all the products we use and test after test after test concludes that the professional grade sealers, pavements cements and hot crack fills, like all of the products we use, are manufactured with several things in mind including performance, look and functionality. I know it to be true that all our products are able to be applied to all asphalt surfaces with superior results to protect and preserve with minimal disturbance to the overall, longterm appearance of the pavement.

Not so true with handy man products… long story short: bucket materials that you put on three inches thick year after year just tend to build up and become defective layer after layer and eventually end up with more cracks in your six inches of failed sealer than what you had with the original pavement you were trying to fix. Not the case with professional grade sealer! It can be ten times the strength at a fraction of the thickness, not to mention that it bonds much differently to the structure of the pavement allowing it to breath while still waterproofing it and adding vital oils to the pores of the structure. This allows it to be more flexible and well protected under all conditions.

OK, so you spent nine dollars and fifty cents to get the squeegee 2000… nice, right? Well, we take sealcoating seriously and after years of doing so much with so little we are authorized to do just about anything with nothing. But after researching the entire applicator industry for over five years (had to save money) we chose to deal with Seal Rite, one of the leaders in building state-of-the-art applicators. Having custom built applicators with some of the best agitation in the business allows us to be at the top of the seal application game — yet another key ingredient in a superior end result. And these are just a few facts discussing the major differences between sealing your self and having Professionals do it for you.

Sealcoating with Super Services LLc is the process of applying to the surface of your asphalt an emulsified coal tar protective coat. This process not only seals the pavement water tight, in-addition to replenishing materials that are responsible for strength+ holding the asphalt together, but it is also aes- thetically pleasing, giving your parking lot that rich, deep black look that it had when it was new. The most important reasons to regularly apply sealcoat, is to save money, reduce maintenance, and increase curb appeal.
Professional sealing is very cost effective and will help make your parking lot last for years and years.

There are various materials to sealcoat asphalt. Super Services LLc utilizes the very best material the asphalt maintenance industry as to offer for the New England Region.